Meet Amanda Fager

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Amanda Fager lives in Southern Illinois with her husband, Adam, and three children. She’s a Diamond Coach for Beachbody, fitness enthusiast, amateur digital photographer, folk artist, ordained minister, foodie, and animal lover.



I believe that if we allow it, we can find beauty in everything. Our struggles determine our strength. I have learned to cultivate an appreciation for hidden beauty, and have greatly benefitted from my newfound perspective. I believe in hard work and dedication as the two most direct ways to achieve our goals.

By the end of her first pregnancy, Fager had reached 213lbs.

I actually had friends and family members that would see my scarred body & my loose skin, then proceed to tell me how horrible my body looked, how terrible they felt for me, etc. For years, I walked around feeling like a monster. I stopped engaging in the activities I loved the most and hid myself in my clothing and accessories. We live in a society that highly values feminine beauty, so I had this warped mentality that if I was not “beautiful”, AKA skinny, I was not worth anything at all. I broke down and had abdominoplasty, thinking that it would change my mindset, but it didn’t. My body wasn’t the problem. My mind was. While we need to be fit and healthy, it does not matter where we are physically if we can’t have our minds and hearts in a place of wellness. I like to stress to my clients that they have value and worth, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey. This is why I love my job and the 21 Day Fix program. We are able to deliver real results, but it’s a journey. There are so many wonderful emotional and mental breakthroughs that occur so that we come out feeling like rejuvenated, reinvented beings.

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