Discount Coaching: Is it For You?

Malnutrition does not necessarily mean that the body is experiencing a lack of food. Those who are eating regularly can also be malnourished.

To be malnourished simply means to be improperly nourishing your body.


Currently, I am primarily promoting the 21 Day Fix program. Here’s why:

What’s so wonderful about the 21 Day Fix Program is that we learn to eat foods in a manner which fuels our bodies properly for maximum energy, stable and steady weight loss, and to start building muscle (how much muscle is up to you). This is a fool-proof way to lose weight! It takes out all of the guesswork and frustration by detailing everything for you! When you purchase a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, you’ll receive seven color-coded portion control containers, the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan booklet, a 3 Day Quick Fix eating plan (similar to a competition diet, but I use it to slim down before special events), workout DVDs, a one month supply of the Shakeology flavor of your choice, a Shakeology shaker cup, and your coach welcome packet.

Wait, hold the phone. Coach welcome packet?

Yep! Here’s what happens when you purchase a Challenge Pack from me as a Discount Coach:
You’ll be signed up as a Discount Coach so that you’ll receive the benefit of 25% off all of your Beachbody purchases (did I mention that’s $30 off Shakeology every MONTH). When you sign up as a Discount Coach from your initial purchase, Beachbody will waive the $39.95 coach enrollment fee. I like to think of it as a safety net, so that when you’re ready for the next month’s supply of Shake-o, you won’t be paying full price! It’s only $15/mo to remain a Discount Coach, so you’re still saving yourself some money.

Wait. Do I have to coach?

Not unless you want to! You have no obligation to coach others when you sign up as a Discount Coach.

Did I mention that Beachbody products make a great gift? What’s better than the gift of wellness?? Buying it at a discounted price, that’s what!

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